International loyalty program Tourism sector enterprises

The Purpose of the Program

Creation of the most comfortable conditions for Russian touritst

Hotels and other tourist accommodation facilities

Medical institutions

Shopping and entertainment centers

Tourism and transport sector enterprises

Program description

Program members – hotels and other tourist accommodation facilities, medical institutions, shopping and entertainment centers, tourism and transport sector enterprises.

General operator of the program – All-Russian Tourist Association with the assistance of the Federal Tourism Agency (Russian Federation) and Ministry for Cultural Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.

General Partner in the Republic of Turkey – RTA OTEL ANALIZI VE TURIZM.

Terms for joining the programs – signing an agreement with the General Partner of the program in the Republic of Turkey, payment of the membership fee. By signing this Agreement, the program member assumes the obligation to observe certain requirements for the corresponding level of program participation.

Program participation advantages: promoting the sales of services, provided by the program participant on the Russian market through the Russian media and major tourism operators, creating and strengthening positive image of the program member in the eyes of Russian tourists.


Please select the appropriate level and click Join button.
1 000$Membership fee
  • Status validity period: 1 year
4 000$Membership fee
  • Status validity period: 2 years
5 000$Membership fee
  • Status validity period: 3 years
General operator of the program assigns the status to a hotel or other tourist accommodation facility from the time the contract is signed and membership fee is paid. The contract provides for a temporary postponement to meet the requirements of the program.

A Program member that has signed the contract and paid the membership fee, obtains a set of door labels and a “RUSSIAN FRIENDLY” sign of the relevant level. When selling the services of a hotel or other facility used for tourist accommodation in the Russian market, the program members place information on program participation and a special sign, including on the websites of travel agencies.

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